9 contraception myths you need to stop believing

When taken properly, oral contraceptives are very effective—but not 100 percent … can get pregnant on days five through seven if they have unprotected sex. “Even though the risk is small, pregnancy can happen since sperm can live for three days!”

When Walking While Trans Is a Crime

A police report states that she agreed to perform oral sex. “Me being trans … and to pick up hair and makeup tips. Since her arrest, she told the Cut, “It’s very rare that I go.” For Jennifer, life in Jackson Heights has become claustrophobic.

9 habits that are taking years off your life

Check out these sleep hygiene tips. Ewan Munro/Flickr If you salt everything you eat … one reduces the amount of microorganisms in the mouth, therefore reducing oral inflammation,” he says. “Less inflamed gums are less likely to bleed and therefore …

Why sexual misconduct is routine in hospitality jobs

The nature of the work, which often has employees relying on tips, can make them especially vulnerable to … “never have to worry about your shifts” if she let him perform oral sex on her. She refused, and after she reported her allegations to the Equal …